The length of whips is dependant on the customers´s requirements, having said that, I follow the ČJF regulations. I divide them into three categories:

                       JUMP SMOOTH WHIPS
Very elegant whips with the leather knitted handle and a tab. The body of the whip is wrapped around into a spiral. The lenght is from 40cm to 75cm including the flapper. A wider and more gentle flapper can be used for shorter whips. They are produced in a various colour variations.
Exclusive whips wrapped around with a fine italian leather. They are produced with a knitted handle and a tab or without a tab. The colour combinations are knitted in „zig zag“ style or a „spiral“ way.
Classical dresage fine whips with a great flexibility are produced up to max. lenght of 120cm and on the edge they are finished with a short sucker.